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Mayan ruins, Tulum
Tulum, Playa PPP eco luxury resort
Tulum, PPP eco luxury resort

MARCH, 3rd. “TULUM, experience the mayan heritage and local eco luxury tourism”

Morning: Visit to Tulum
Explore the fascinating Tulum Ruins, a well-preserved ancient Mayan archaeological site located on the beautiful Caribbean coastline. Guests will learn about the rich history and culture of the region.

Afternoon: Lunch
Enjoy a delicious Mexican meal at a local restaurant near Tulum. Guests can savor traditional dishes and refreshing beverages.

Evening: Dinner
Experience a special dinner at a beachfront restaurant with stunning sunset views over the Caribbean Sea.

Night: Return:
We will provide comfortable transportation back to your accommodations.

MARCH 6th and 7th:
“Live the authentic caribbean adventure at Holbox island”

Day 1 – March 6th: Arrival and Accommodation
Guests will be picked up from the conference venue and transferred to their accommodations at a beautiful eco-friendly resort in Holbox island. There you will relax, freshen up, and settle in.

Day 2 – March 7th: 2. Visit to Holbox Island
Explore the pristine Holbox Island, a paradise for nature lovers. Activities can include swimming with whale sharks, exploring the colorful streets of Holbox town, and relaxing on the white sandy beaches.

Evening: 3. Dinner
Enjoy a sumptuous dinner with fresh seafood and local delicacies on Holbox Island.

Night: 4. Return to Cancun
Guests will be transported back to their Cancun accommodations after a full day on Holbox Island.


Additional Information:

  • Accommodations: Guests will stay at a carefully selected eco-friendly resort in Holbox island on March 6th.
  • Transportation: Comfortable and air-conditioned transportation will be provided for all transfers and activities.
  • Meals: All meals are included on both days (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), featuring Mexican and local cuisine.
  • Guides: Knowledgeable local guides will accompany the group during the Tulum visit and the day trip to Holbox Island, providing insights into the history and culture of the region.
  • Flexibility: The itinerary can be adjusted based on guest preferences and availability, and it can accommodate both small and large groups.

This complementary tour packages offer a diverse and immersive experience for attendees of the RESET CANCUN conference, combining cultural exploration, eco-tourism, and relaxation. It provides an excellent opportunity for guests to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the region while promoting sustainable and regenerative tourism.

Holbox island
Villas Flamingos eco luxury resort, Holbox island
Bioluminiscence, Holbox island


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