Message from our CEO

luxury and sustainability in hospitality
Hector De Castro

Dear LUSH community,

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry, I am reminded of the paramount importance of sustainability and the role it plays to keep a healthy world.

Did you know that the global luxury hotel sector generates an estimated 60 million tons of carbon emissions annually? It is clear that we have a responsibility to transform this industry and create a more sustainable future.

At LUSH, we firmly believe that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are intricately intertwined, with the potential to create exceptional guest experiences while preserving our planet for generations to come.

Our association stands at the forefront of this values, supporting the luxury sustainable boutique hotels community. We are proud to share that, to date, our expert team has helped collectively to reduce reduce hospitality companies carbon footprint by an impressive 25% and implemented sustainability plans and energy-saving measures that have resulted in cost savings of over $4 million.

But sustainability also encompasses social responsibility. As part of our commitment to supporting the next generation, we are proud to announce that our LUSH internship program has already supported more than 65 students from Mexico, India, Nepal, Cameroon, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Spain and US .

This program provides valuable hands-on experience to students passionate about sustainability in hospitality, empowering them to become future professional and leaders in the industry. We believe in investing in the growth and development of young talent, as they hold the key to driving change and innovation.

Furthermore, we understand the power of connection and collaboration in fostering a sustainable future. In addition to our educational resources, LUSH actively organizes social events, conferences, and networking opportunities that bring together industry professionals, sustainability experts, and our members.

At the heart of our mission lies the recognition and celebration of achievements. We strive to recognize the great sustainability initiatives undertaken by our members. By showcasing their accomplishments, we inspire others and, together, we are making a tangible difference in the industry. We’re proud to share that LUSH members have collectively donated thousands of dollars to environmental conservation projects and local communities.

Thank you for being part of the LUSH community, and for your unwavering dedication to boost a greener luxury boutique hotels industry.

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