LUSH’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE UN’S 2030 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS In the realm of luxury sustainable boutique hotels, one name stands out as a beacon of conscientious hospitality Luxury Sustainable Boutique Hotels International Association (LUSH). This unique establishment encapsulates the essence of eco-luxury boutique hotels and retreats, embodying the trinity of Luxury, Sustainability, and Wellness. LUSH […]

Welcome to new LUSH member: La Esperanza, eco luxury boutique hotel in Granada, Spain

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Granada’s Lecrin Valley, La Esperanza Hotel emerges as a beacon of eco-luxury hospitality, embodying a harmonious blend of art, sustainability, sophistication, and heartfelt care for guests. Recently, the esteemed CEO of LUSH association, Mr. Hector De Castro, visited the property, where he had the pleasure of meeting with Ms. […]

Recognizing Equality Champions in Tourism: Equality in Tourism Awards with LUSH association

In a celebration of inclusivity, sustainability, and social justice within the tourism industry, the Equality in Tourism Awards is moving ahead. On Friday 9th the panel of judges was celebrating and taking their final decision to recognixe those companies and initiatives fostering equality and diversity worldwide. The event, held annually, serves as a platform to […]

Pioneering Luxury Sustainable Hospitality in 2024: After FITUR 2024, a Vision for Tomorrow

As we step into 2024 and the recent celebration of FITUR Madrid, it is clear that the luxury sustainable hospitality sector is poised for transformative changes, blending innovation, environmental consciousness, and guest-centric experiences. Drawing insights from industry leaders, this article summarizes key points and explores the trends that will define the landscape of luxury sustainable […]

LUSH is proud to partner and helping KARISMA hotel group in its new expansion plans

Karisma Hotels & Resorts, a distinguished player in the hospitality sector, made a significant impact at the International Tourism Fair in Madrid (FITUR 2024), where it announced plans for expansion and showcased its commitment to redefining the industry. Through the opening of new hotels and strategic partnerships, this hospitality giant is diligently working to shape […]

Trends Shaping India’s Boutique Hotel Landscape in 2024

Boutique hotels form a rapidly growing segment of the hospitality industry and offer a more intimate and personalized alternative to larger chain hotels. These hotels usually have fewer rooms and are designed to provide a tailored experience to guests, with attentive staff who cater to their needs and preferences. These hotels are characterized by their […]

Elevating Hospitality Industry in India

INSIDE THE WORLD OF LUSH ECO LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTELS ASSOCIATION In a world where sustainability meets luxury, LUSH stands as a beacon of commitment, supporting the hospitality industry in India by boosting a luxury tourism which not only aims to generate profits, but also to create a good for the local communities, cultural heritage and […]