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diversity, equity and inclusion.

LUSH commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At LUSH we firmly believe in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and throughout the hospitality and tourism industry. We are committed to creating an environment that embraces and celebrates individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, and identities. Our policy regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion can be summarized as follows:

Embracing Diversity
We value the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents that diverse individuals bring to our organization. We actively seek to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, recognizing that diversity drives innovation and enhances guest experiences.

Equal Opportunities
We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all employees and stakeholders, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or any other protected characteristic. We ensure fair and unbiased processes in recruitment, promotion, and decision-making.

Inclusive Work Culture
We strive to create an inclusive work culture where all individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered. We encourage open dialogue, active listening, and collaboration among employees, promoting a sense of belonging and teamwork.

Training and Development
We provide ongoing training and development programs to enhance awareness and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. This includes educating our staff on unconscious bias, cultural competence, and creating an inclusive guest experience.

Supplier Diversity
We actively seek to partner with diverse suppliers and vendors, supporting local businesses and promoting economic empowerment within the communities where we operate. We believe in fostering a diverse and sustainable supply chain.

Guest Experience
We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming experience for all guests. Our staff is trained to respect and accommodate diverse needs, ensuring that everyone feels safe, comfortable, and valued during their stay.

Community Engagement
We actively engage with local communities, supporting initiatives and organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. By being an advocate for positive change, we strive to make a lasting impact beyond the boundaries of our hotels.

Transparency and Accountability
We maintain transparency in our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, regularly evaluating our policies, practices, and progress. We hold ourselves accountable to continuously improve and address any identified gaps or challenges.

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination
We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment, or any form of prejudice within our organization. We encourage reporting and promptly address any concerns or incidents in a fair and impartial manner.

Continuous Learning
We are committed to learning from and engaging with external organizations, industry leaders, and experts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to stay informed about emerging best practices and incorporate them into our policies and operations.

By upholding these principles, LUSH aims to create an inclusive and equitable environment that embraces diversity in all its forms. We believe that through these efforts, we can not only enhance the guest experience but also contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future for the luxury hospitality industry as a whole.

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