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Understanding the LUSH Certification Process

Elevate your business to new heights with LUSH Certification. After becoming a LUSH member, showcase your commitment to luxury and sustainability with tangible results. Every day, LUSH members innovate to conserve resources and enhance their hotels for guests, staff, and the local community. Join us and take your business to the next level.

When applying for certification through a certification company and verifying with LUSH Association or GSTC, it’s essential to grasp the distinction between certification and accreditation.

Online Accreditation: Directly conducted by LUSH association experts, the final document will be signed by the LUSH association president and auditor.

Certification: Administered by a “third-party assessment” from an external licensed company like EcoHotelProjects. Your business will receive the Official Certificate of LUSH Association on Sustainability, signed by Mr. Hector De Castro, President at LUSH Association, and the external Audit company.

4 Steps to Get Certified

1. Register

Provide your details for Membership.

2. Invoice

Receive and pay your Membership invoice.

3. Accreditation

Complete the LUSH accreditation process to achieve and obtain the Silver Accreditation level.

4. Assessment

Undergo assessment by an external licensed company. You'll receive the LUSH Certification.


To uphold the highest level of transparency, LUSH Association does not directly certify your company. Certification is the direct responsibility of licensed audit companies.

Available Certifications

Online Accreditation

By LUSH Association. This is a basic level accreditation to check sustainability KPIs. It involves either taking an online assessment or conducting interviews with the management and technical team, visiting facilities, reviewing technical documents, and completing a checklist according to LUSH and GSTC standards. Valid for 1 year and developed by experts from the LUSH association.

Platinum Certification

By licensed audit companies. This advanced audit entails 53 criteria grouped and supported by over 100 compliance indicators following a comprehensive checklist aligned with LUSH and GSTC criteria, including ISO standards. Conducted by an external licensed company, you’ll receive the Platinum Certification on Sustainability signed by LUSH and the audit company.

Compare Certification

Online Accreditation

Platinum Certification

Key Differences

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Exciting News! LUSH is Now REGENERA

We’re thrilled to announce our rebrand as REGENERA, Regenerative Luxury Hotels & Retreats Global Association. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to redefine luxury and sustainability in hospitality. Discover what REGENERA has to offer and be part of a transformative movement in the industry.