Gift a transformative experience.
gift professional development.

Gift the joy of education and professional development
Unlock the world of learning and personal growth with LUSH GIFT CARDS.
As a initiative of LUSH, we bring you another opportunity to gift the joy of education and skill-building.


  1. Limitless Learning: With LUSH GIFT CARDS, recipients gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge. Whether they’re passionate about wellness, culinary arts, sustainable living, or cultural exploration, our diverse selection of courses ensures there’s something for everyone.
  2. Value: From a $50USD starter to a $250USD comprehensive learning experience, LUSH GIFT CARDS cater to every budget and aspiration. Empower your loved ones to choose the course that resonates most with their interests.
  3. Quality Education: Partnering with experts and industry leaders, LUSH GIFT CARDS guarantee top-notch educational experiences. Every course is a journey guided by professionals who are passionate about imparting their wisdom.
  4. Convenience Redefined: Gifting education has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can send a LUSH GIFT CARD to your recipient’s inbox, allowing them to embark on a learning adventure at their own pace.

*According to LUSH Terms and Conditions
*Yearly payment. VAT not included

At LUSH we trust that the gift of education is a gift that keeps on giving. With LUSH Gift Cards you are not just offering a course – you're offering an opportunity for transformation.

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With LUSH GIFT CARDS, you're not just offering a course – you're offering an opportunity for transformation. 
                                                                                   HOW IT WORKS

LUSH GIFT CARDS purchase is valid for use only on Here are two options:

Send As Gift:      Print, share a link, or send the E-Gift Card directly to your loved one’s email. You may also add a personalized message and modify the send date.

Buy for Myself:  Choose this option to send the E-Gift Card directly to your email address.

To Use the E-Gift Card:  
      A) You can use it as a payment of a MEMBERSHIP
      b) You can use it as a payment of a chosen COURSE

      Once you have bought it, send copy by email to and let us know the use you wish to give it. :)


Exciting News! LUSH is Now REGENERA

We’re thrilled to announce our rebrand as REGENERA, Regenerative Luxury Hotels & Retreats Global Association. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to redefine luxury and sustainability in hospitality. Discover what REGENERA has to offer and be part of a transformative movement in the industry.