Recognizing Equality Champions in Tourism: Equality in Tourism Awards with LUSH association

In a celebration of inclusivity, sustainability, and social justice within the tourism industry, the Equality in Tourism Awards is moving ahead. On Friday 9th the panel of judges was celebrating and taking their final decision to recognixe those companies and initiatives fostering equality and diversity worldwide. The event, held annually, serves as a platform to […]

TLC and LUSH love ???? nature and wellness travel

Unveiling the Future of Luxury and Sustainability:  A Strategic Partnership Between TLC Global Health & Wellness Travel and LUSH members.  Elevate Your Property to be a Leading verified green dream, first choice sustainability led, hotel.  Well people need well spaces. Clients are looking for you. A verified boutique property to relax. Be close to nature. We are […]


At LUSH, we recognize the importance of supporting boutique hotels, which often face unique challenges in the hospitality industry. Our Boutique Hotel Assistance Initiative aims to provide free or sponsored services to boutique hotels to help them thrive sustainably. Through this program, we offer tailored consultations and training sessions to boutique hotel owners and staff, focusing on areas such as sustainable practices, eco-friendly operations, and guest engagement. By supporting boutique hotels, we aim to elevate their sustainability efforts and boosting a greener industry and better guest experience.


Sustainability is at the core of LUSH values, and we recognize the urgent need to regenerate and protect our natural environment. Our Nature Regeneration Initiative focuses on restoring and preserving ecosystems through various initiatives. We collaborate with environmental organizations and experts to identify areas where our efforts can make a significant difference. This may involve initiatives such as reforestation projects, marine conservation programs or biodiversity protection. Through our Nature Regeneration Initiative, we aim to contribute to the long-term health of the planet.


At LUSH, we understand the importance of preserving and celebrating local communities and cultural heritage. Our Community and Cultural Heritage Support program aims to provide assistance to communities surrounding our boutique hotels. We collaborate with local organizations and initiatives to support community development projects, preserve cultural heritage, and empower local artisans. This may include infrastructure improvements, educational programs or cultural events. By investing in the communities we strive to create a positive impact and foster sustainable growth.


We believe in nurturing the next generation of hospitality professionals. Our Young Talent Internship Program offers internships to young individuals interested in pursuing a career in the ecoluxury boutique hotel industry. Through partnerships with renowned boutique hotels and a panel of experts, we facilitate students to adquire experiences related to hotel operations, sustainability practices or marketing. This program aims to equip young talent with the necessary knowledge and experience to become future leaders in the industry while fostering a commitment to sustainability.