The Sustainable Tourism Advanced Research Center (STARC) initiates its operations in Cancun

The Sustainable Tourism Advanced Research Center (STARC) initiates its operations in Cancun

The launch of operations at the Advanced Research Center for Sustainable Tourism (STARC), Anáhuac Cancún, signifies the commencement of cutting-edge research in the sector, aimed at aiding decision-making processes in both the private and governmental spheres.

This was confirmed by Rector Jesús Quirce Andrés during the Sixth Anáhuac International Conference, themed “Tourism Perspectives 2024,” where he expressed the center’s primary goal of becoming a benchmark for knowledge and innovation, as well as facilitating connections between various social sectors and decision-makers.

Meanwhile, STARC Director Francisco Madrid Flores explained that an interdisciplinary team of academics and tourism experts from different countries has been assembled to conduct applied research. Additionally, collaborations will be established with both national and international partners, with knowledge-sharing initiatives extended to the global community.

LUSH association CEO, Hector de Castro, was invited to the prestigious conferences at Intercontinental Presidente, an honor he deeply appreciated. His attendance underscores the significance of sustainable tourism initiatives within the hospitality industry.

LUSH is proud to collaborate with Anahuac Cancun from years ago and, as leaders in sustainable tourism,
the STARC institution and LUSH Hotels Association share a common vision:
to analize and redefine hospitality by prioritizing a positive leadership and community well-being.

Hecror de Castro, CEO of LUSH

Madrid Flores noted that the project will gradually expand over time, initially focusing on a series of research lines, including Tourism Impact in Hospitality, with emphasis on the Riviera Maya, and Tourism Impact in Baja California Sur. He also mentioned the forthcoming presentation of a study on vacation rentals in the region, as well as investigations into gender parity in hospitality and the Mexican travel market to Spain.

In conclusion, the establishment of the STARC institution in Cancun represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable tourism. Through cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a dedication to innovation, STARC is poised to become a global leader in advancing responsible tourism practices.

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