Dusit International Unveils Two New Hotel Brands

Dusit International has revealed plans to broaden its hotel brand portfolio by introducing two fresh brands: Dusit Collection and Devarana – Dusit Retreats.

Drawing upon the strength of Dusit’s existing range, which includes Dusit Thani (luxury), Dusit Suites (upper upscale), dusitD2 (upscale), Dusit Princess (upper midscale), ASAI Hotels (midscale lifestyle), and Elite Havens (luxury villa rentals), these new brands will expand Dusit’s presence across the spectrum of accommodations to provide novel and immersive experiences for guests. They will also create opportunities for Dusit to venture into previously unexplored markets, furthering its global expansion goals.

Functioning as a soft brand suitable for unique, standalone properties with compelling narratives, Dusit Collection directly caters to the growing global demand for distinctive and authentic travel experiences. It embodies a refined and personalized approach to property development, service, and guest interaction.

Targeting the upper upscale and luxury sectors, Dusit Collection is designed to encompass a meticulously curated collection of captivating hotels in iconic destinations, each distinguished by its exceptional architecture, tasteful design, and unique locales filled with meaningful and memorable moments.

The Dusit Collection concept also provides owners of iconic properties the means to preserve their establishments’ individuality and charm while seamlessly integrating into the Dusit family, without the complexities associated with rebranding or extensive renovations typically linked to Dusit’s established core brands.

“This streamlined, cost-effective model brings numerous advantages to all stakeholders,” stated Mr. Gilles Cretallaz, COO of Dusit International. “Owners immediately gain access to our robust commercial support and seasoned management expertise while retaining the distinct character of their properties. Dusit benefits from a flexible market entry strategy and the potential to extract significant value from properties that don’t precisely align with our core brands. Most importantly, our guests gain new opportunities to establish deep connections with destinations at distinct properties steeped in history and character.”

From former palaces in historical cities to boutique coastal hideaways, Dusit is actively exploring multiple prospects for luxurious Dusit Collection properties. With strong interest from various parties, the company anticipates announcing its initial signings shortly.

The second new brand introduced by Dusit is a reinvention of its former luxury brand, Devarana, now renamed Devarana – Dusit Retreats. It has been enhanced to offer enriching and transformative stay experiences in the ultra-luxury segment.

Fully embracing the success of Dusit’s widely recognized group-wide wellness concept, Devarana Wellness, which seamlessly incorporates well-being elements throughout the entire guest experience at Dusit Hotels and Resorts worldwide, Devarana – Dusit Retreats aims to take this holistic approach even further by providing tailor-made healing experiences at private retreats in exclusive global destinations.

Inspired by traditional Thai wellness principles and deeply committed to sustainable and regenerative travel, Devarana – Dusit Retreats will focus on meeting the aspirational desires of guests and deliver a unique blend of nature, community, ancient healing practices, regenerative spaces, exceptional architecture and design, and carefully curated activities and wellness programs that captivate discerning travelers on a profoundly personal level.

The first Devarana – Dusit Retreats property, a rebranding of an existing Dusit property in China, is set to open this October. Based on the current level of interest in the brand, Mr. Cretallaz expects Dusit to secure multiple Devarana – Dusit Retreats properties by the end of the year.

“The response to Devarana – Dusit Retreats from potential partners has been outstanding, and discussions are already underway to formalize agreements for properties in Europe, the Middle East, and various locations in China,” he remarked. “The global pandemic propelled wellness into the mainstream, and the wellness industry is projected to sustain its remarkable growth far into the future. Leveraging our expertise and optimizing our knowledge in this domain, we are ideally positioned to offer a hotel product that prioritizes well-being and transformative experiences, ensuring enduring value for all stakeholders involved.”

Dusit’s portfolio currently includes 55 properties operating under Dusit Hotels and Resorts, as well as over 230 luxury villas under Elite Havens, spanning 19 countries. More than 60 Dusit Hotels and Resorts are in the development pipeline, with 22 additional signings targeted for this year.

“In response to the profound impact of the global pandemic, we recognized the importance of refining our brand portfolio to align with evolving market demands and support expansion in the post-pandemic world,” Mr. Cretallaz explained. “Over the past few years, we have painstakingly improved each of our brands to provide added convenience, experiences, and value for our guests. Today, with the introduction of Dusit Collection and Devarana – Dusit Retreats, we are delighted to expand our offerings further across the lodging spectrum, offering a comprehensive range of brands from boutique lifestyle to luxury wellness, all unified by our signature Thai-inspired gracious hospitality. With this solid foundation in place, we are well-prepared to invigorate our future and anticipate many exciting openings to come.”

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