World Environment Day: Celebrating Sustainability with LUSH association

World Environment Day is an annual global event celebrated on June 5th, dedicated to raising awareness and taking action for the protection of our environment. It serves as a reminder of the importance of sustainability and the need for collective efforts to address environmental challenges. In this article, we explore the significance of World Environment Day and its connection to LUSH, the Luxury Sustainable Hotels International Association. Through quotes and storytelling, we will delve into how this organization is contributing to environmental conservation and promote sustainable practices.

Thank you very much for your support, dear friends. Thanks to YOUR support we’ve planted a great number of trees in needed areas of Spain and Mexico

The Significance of World Environment Day:
World Environment Day provides a platform to engage individuals, communities, and organizations in environmental activities and discussions. It encourages people to reflect on their impact on the environment and motivates them to take action for a sustainable future. As UNEP Executive Director Inger Andersen stated, “World Environment Day reminds us that we have a global responsibility to safeguard our planet, and that every action counts.”

LUSH, where Luxury meets Sustainable Hospitality
LUSH, the Luxury Sustainable Hotels International Association, is an esteemed NGO dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the luxury hospitality industry. By combining luxury and sustainability, LUSH association sets an example for other boutique hotels worldwide. Their commitment to environmentally responsible operations, energy efficiency, ethical sourcing of materials and Values sets them apart in the industry.

“Thanks to all LUSH members, partners and visitors who have donated and supported our plant-tree initiative to make a positive impact on 5th June. See you next time!”
Hector De Castro, CEO at LUSH association &
De Castro Group

Anthony Bell, a guest at a LUSH member hotel, shares his experience at the plant-tree event by LUSH:

LUSH event, memorable experience

“We knew about the LUSH event at our hotel and decided to collaborate. Attending to this LUSH event was a truly memorable experience. Hector De Castro was really motivating showing with facts. Indeed we enjoyed at the time that made a positive impact”
Anthony Bell
Guest at LUSH member hotel

LUSH, the Luxury Sustainable Hotels & Wellness Intern’l Association
Where Luxury meets Sustainable Hospitality

The Luxury Sustainable Hotels & Wellness International Association. LUSH, leads the way in redefining luxury through sustainability. Their mission is to create an exceptional guest experience while minimizing the environmental impact. By implementing the LUSH criteria so that promoting sustainable design, green building practices, and eco-friendly initiatives, LUSH member hotels showcase a new standard of luxury hospitality and values.

Sarah, a traveler who stayed at a LUSH member hotel, shares her thoughts:

I was blown away!

“I was blown away by the atmosphere and collaboration energy at LUSH event. I had the chance to speak with hotel people and I also learnt about green measures, as solar energy or rainwater harvesting. It was a truly memorable experience with a clear conscience.”
Sarah Reily
Traveller and visitor at LUSH event

Celebrating World Environment Day with LUSH provides an ideal occasion to highlight commitment to environmental conservation. Together with partner companies as Ecohotelprojects, at LUSH community they organize events and initiatives that raise awareness and inspire action among guests, staff, and local communities.

Celebrating World Environment Day with LUSH, the Luxury Sustainable Hotels & Wellness International Association

Additionally, let me share a story about a specific action taken by LUSH to boost World Environment Day. This year, in honor of this important day, LUSH launched a tree-planting campaign to contribute to reforestation efforts. Recognizing the critical role trees play in combating climate change and supporting biodiversity, LUSH made a commitment to plant a tree for every person attending the event or sending a supporting message.

The impact of LUSH’s tree-planting campaign to boost green values on 5th June was significant. Numerous trees were planted across various locations, including rainforests, degraded landscapes, and urban areas. LUSH documented the progress of the campaign showcasing the positive environmental impact achieved through their member’s support.

Ana Belen, a participant in a local tree-planting event organized by LUSH on 5th June, reflects on her experience: “Joining the tree-planting event was a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It was incredible to see the collective effort and passion of individuals coming together to make a difference. LUSH’s commitment is truly commendable, and I’m proud to be part of their mission.”

By combining their passion for sustainability with their global reach, LUSH demonstrated that hotels can make a tangible impact on World Environment Day. Their tree-planting campaign not only raised awareness about the importance of reforestation but also empowered customers to take part in a meaningful environmental action.

In conclusion, World Environment Day provides an opportunity for organizations not only to showcase their commitment to environmental conservation but also to take a new action. Every little step counts and has a positive impact. Through initiatives like the tree-planting campaign, LUSH engages hospitality community, fosters a sense of environmental responsibility, and amplifies the message of sustainability among the luxury hospitality community. As we celebrate World Environment Day, let us draw inspiration from LUSH’s dedication and take collective action to protect and nurture our planet.

Meet our CEO, Hector De Castro

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