LUSH travel agencies | Admission assessment -level I

At LUSH we take care of our community and the Planet. Please read below and take a short admission assesment to measure your Sustainability and Wellness Values and join LUSH. LUSH®, Creating Wellness for People and the Planet.

Make your travel agency to lead by example in sustainability and wellness values


Wellness for People

Creating Wellness for local communities, employees, guests.


Regeneration for nature

Sustainabiliy and regeneration and concepts absolutelly aligned and necessary. LUSH association strives to help and adding value to improve the environment.



At LUSH we have the feet on the ground and know that to keep on helping our stakeholders also need to generate profits. And we strive to help, boost growth and ffer a wide portfolio of services.

LUSH travel agencies - Basic criteria

IMPORTANT: At LUSH we make sure that all travel agency members are alligned with LUSH Values and SDGs in their path development. All members, before joing must take the ADMISSION LEVEL ASSESSMENT. Once that is approved, you get:

    • Creation of an individual page to accelerate your growth within LUSH community
    • Boost your brand by showcasing your values, actions, next, events.
    • Increase your profits gettign direct booking through our platform.  
    • Invitation to LUSH webminars, conferences and events.
    • Access to collaborate and grow through LUSH travel agencies.
    • LUSH travel agencies will have access to sponsored online courses.
    • LUSH travel agencies fact sheets and image gallery
    • Access to the LUSH community forum
    • Benefits in marketing material: website development, video making, catalogues, fliers, banners.
    • LUSH travel agents will have an opportunity to adversise banners at the home page of the LUSH association and social media.
    • LUSH travel agencies will be listed as preferred travel agencies with eco luxury and wellness values. 
    • LUSH travel agencies will be promoted through 1x shared interview to boost its brand highlighting values, strenghs, beauty of the region, unique offer, etc.
    • LUSH travel agencies will be supported also by featured banners and advertisements in press and media partners
  • Affiliation to LUSH:
    • Get authorization to use “LUSH Travel Agency” name and logo in marketing content and media channels.
  • 1 year membership, including:
    • Access to LUSH Resources, sponsored online courses and events.
    • Being part of the LUSH Community forum, with >20K members.
  • Affiliation:
    • Use of “Applicant to LUSH travel agency” logo in marketing content and channels

HOT - Join before 30th October and get extra benefits.

LUSH Travel Agencies - Admission Criteria

In order to join LUSH, application members must take a short assesment of 25 questions and it will be scored on a basis of 1 point per question.

a) Above 15 points:  Hotels who receive above 15 points will be eligible for the “LUSH Travel Agency” level membership.

b) Between 10 and 15 points:  Travel Agency who reach between 10 and 15 points will receive a badge as “LUSH ravel agency applicant”. But will not be entitled to become a LUSH hotels until further notice, with a new assesment.

c) Under 10 points:  Travel agencies reaching less than 10 points will be entitled to get a 100% free private online meeting with our senior team to assist them in the path to a higher level of sustainability and wellness. 

Welcome to LUSH