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LUSH membership: sPecialized community

LUSH membership connects boutique hotels and retreats with a global community of like-minded properties. This network fosters guest increase, brand value, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and opportunities for partnerships, opening doors to new markets and guest segments. 


LUSH certification serve as a pretigious endorsement of a hotel’s commitment to sustainable practices. It enhances reputation and credibility among environmentally conscious travelers, setting it apart from competitors. It is a service developed by external official audit companies.


reduced prices in specialized services of sustainability consulting, internationalization and the Sustainable marketing Agency, specialized in hospitality brands with strong wellness and sustainability values. 


LUSH sponsors a portfolio of services to help hotels and retreats to optimize and boost these brands, sustainability profile and marketing strategies. 


LUSH provides an individual profile to showcase a descriptino of your facilities, photos, videos, and more. LUSH marketing department will also link this page at campaigns, banners and other marketing actions.


Only available for members, appearing at LUSH directory will enhance credibility among a community that seeks experiences and values like yours.

eco luxury mktg agency

LUSH oput at your disposal the Eco Luxury marketing agecy a unique service by senior experts in marketing, also certified in hotels sustainability. They really know what they talk about and what it takes to implement. Specialized in boosting green hospitality brands. 

lush hotels marketplace

LUSH marketplace is the specialized platform to save time and headaches to find and adquire products with your values. From LUSH we negotiate benefits and brind them to you. Just select your products and keep you own wish list. 

continuous improvement

LUSH provides a platform for sharing best practices and innovations in sustainable hospitality. By participating at LUSH’s events, forum, and educational resources, boutique hotels and rerteats will gain insights and inspiration to further improve their sustainability initiatives. 

guest appeal and loyalty

Being verified by LUSH appeals to the growing number of travelers seeking sustainable options. Guests a re more likely to choose a boutique hotel that aligns with their values and environmental concerns. LUSH verification can foster guest loyalty and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

marketing and promotion

LUSH membership diploma offers a unique marketing advantage in the eco luxury hositality segment. Boutique hotels and retreats can leverage the LUSH brand and logo in their promotional material, website, and social media platforms, showcasing their authentic commitment to sustainable luxury and wellness.

Allignment to sdg'S

LUSH criteria and initiatives align with the United Nations’SDG. Boutique hotels and retreats which are verified by lush contribute to global sustainability efforts, supporting goals such as responsible consumption, climate action, local communities support and biodivertosy preservation.

BOUTIQUE HOTELS, retreats, glamping camps

Unlock Sustainable Luxury Excellence for Your Business, including a company profile at LUSH corporate website, discounts on specialized services, access to resources, webminars and events, so that accelerating your growth and international visibility making use of our platform.
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