Trends Shaping India’s Boutique Hotel Landscape in 2024

Boutique hotels form a rapidly growing segment of the hospitality industry and offer a more intimate and personalized alternative to larger chain hotels. These hotels usually have fewer rooms and are designed to provide a tailored experience to guests, with attentive staff who cater to their needs and preferences. These hotels are characterized by their […]

Dusit International Unveils Two New Hotel Brands

Dusit International has revealed plans to broaden its hotel brand portfolio by introducing two fresh brands: Dusit Collection and Devarana – Dusit Retreats. Drawing upon the strength of Dusit’s existing range, which includes Dusit Thani (luxury), Dusit Suites (upper upscale), dusitD2 (upscale), Dusit Princess (upper midscale), ASAI Hotels (midscale lifestyle), and Elite Havens (luxury villa […]

Upgrading the gem of Holbox island: Villas Flamingos hotel

LUSH HOTEL – HOTEL VILLAS FLAMINGOS, HOLBOX ISLAND, MEXICO There is a place where nature reveals itself, as if inviting us to forget about everything, where we can come closer to ourselves and nature. As a nature and eco luxury lover I was willing to come back to visit our friends of Hotel Villas Flamingos, indeed […]

Hotels vs. Boutique Hotels: Unveiling the differences and impact

Hotels and boutique hotels are distinct players in the hospitality industry, each offering a unique experience to guests. The global hospitality industry is valued over $4.548 trillion as of 2022. This article provides an in-depth analysis of their contrasting features from operational, financial, values, and community and environmental impact perspectives. Boutique Hotels: Boutique Hotels: Boutique Hotels: _________________ […]