LUSH’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE UN’S 2030 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS In the realm of luxury sustainable boutique hotels, one name stands out as a beacon of conscientious hospitality Luxury Sustainable Boutique Hotels International Association (LUSH). This unique establishment encapsulates the essence of eco-luxury boutique hotels and retreats, embodying the trinity of Luxury, Sustainability, and Wellness. LUSH […]

Elevating Hospitality Industry in India

INSIDE THE WORLD OF LUSH ECO LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTELS ASSOCIATION In a world where sustainability meets luxury, LUSH stands as a beacon of commitment, supporting the hospitality industry in India by boosting a luxury tourism which not only aims to generate profits, but also to create a good for the local communities, cultural heritage and […]

The ripple effect of regenerative tourism: a sustainable wave of change

In recent years, the global tourism industry has undergone a paradigm shift towards sustainability, with regenerative tourism emerging as a powerful force for positive change. Unlike conventional tourism, which often leaves a negative impact on the environment and local communities, regenerative tourism aims to create a positive ripple effect, fostering ecological and social regeneration. This article explores the […]

Dusit International Unveils Two New Hotel Brands

Dusit International has revealed plans to broaden its hotel brand portfolio by introducing two fresh brands: Dusit Collection and Devarana – Dusit Retreats. Drawing upon the strength of Dusit’s existing range, which includes Dusit Thani (luxury), Dusit Suites (upper upscale), dusitD2 (upscale), Dusit Princess (upper midscale), ASAI Hotels (midscale lifestyle), and Elite Havens (luxury villa […]

The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Sustainability in the Hospitality industry

In recent years, the concept of sustainable hospitality has gained significant traction, with more travelers seeking luxury experiences that are also environmentally and socially responsible. The perfect blend of luxury and sustainability in the sustainable hospitality industry represents a harmonious balance between opulence, emotions and conscious practices. In this article for LUSH, Hector de Castro breaks […]

A coffee with Mr Juan Carlos Gacal, GM of LJs Ratxó Eco Luxury Retreat, Mallorca, Spain

Editor’s Note:This interview is part of sustainable CEO’s interview series. This particular series is to talk about the sustainability and the evolving expectations and demands of hotel guests. Check out all the interviews as they come out here. How is JC Gacal in a nutshell Passionate hotelier with more than 25 years of experience, and with […]