Trends Shaping India’s Boutique Hotel Landscape in 2024

Boutique hotels form a rapidly growing segment of the hospitality industry and offer a more intimate and personalized alternative to larger chain hotels. These hotels usually have fewer rooms and are designed to provide a tailored experience to guests, with attentive staff who cater to their needs and preferences. These hotels are characterized by their […]

Elevating Hospitality Industry in India

INSIDE THE WORLD OF LUSH ECO LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTELS ASSOCIATION In a world where sustainability meets luxury, LUSH stands as a beacon of commitment, supporting the hospitality industry in India by boosting a luxury tourism which not only aims to generate profits, but also to create a good for the local communities, cultural heritage and […]

The ripple effect of regenerative tourism: a sustainable wave of change

In recent years, the global tourism industry has undergone a paradigm shift towards sustainability, with regenerative tourism emerging as a powerful force for positive change. Unlike conventional tourism, which often leaves a negative impact on the environment and local communities, regenerative tourism aims to create a positive ripple effect, fostering ecological and social regeneration. This article explores the […]

Celebrating Diwali: India’s Festival of Lights

It is a fact that in every remote corner of the world there is always something beautiful and amazing to discover. Today I introduce you Diwali, the Festival of Lights, which takes center stage as a celebration in India that transcends boundaries and unites communities building links and happiness. It is a truly magical and inclusive celebration of light, […]


As the world gears up to celebrate World Tourism Day on the 27th of September, it’s an excellent opportunity to reflect on the incredible journey the tourism industry has taken. Tourism has the power to unite people, cultures, and countries, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our planet’s diversity. In this celebration, LUSH, as […]

Thailand aims to generate greater income with wellness and medical tourism

The government aims to boost sustainable tourism with a focus on wellness and medical tourism. According to Government Spokesperson Anucha Burapachaisri, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha intends to enhance sustainable tourism for greater income generation. Thailand’s medical tourism sector is currently valued at 9% of the global market, the largest in the Asia-Pacific, with a […]

2023 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals: visualizing the future

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, achieving sustainable development has become an urgent global priority. Recently, the World Bank, unveiled the highly anticipated “2023 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals”. From LUSH, the Luxury Sustainable Boutique Hotels Int’l Association, we keep on supporting these measures and values. The present article will delve […]