Unlocking Sustainability in Hospitality: TLC & LUSH

TLC Health Travel LTD Honoured with “Best Sustainable Tourism & Hotel Consultancy 2021” Announces Strategic Partnership with LUSH, Luxury Sustainable Hotels and Retreats.

London, UK – [30 September 2023] – TLC Health Travel LTD, a UK-based leader in sustainable tourism and hotel consultancy, is thrilled to announce its recent accolade as the “Best Sustainable Tourism & Hotel Consultancy 2021” by UK Enterprise Awards SME-News. This recognition comes on the heels of the company’s strategic partnership with LUSH, the premium association for Eco Luxury Hotels and Retreats.

Founded in 2018 by Nicki Page and Leo Downer, TLC Health Travel LTD has been at the forefront of integrating science-based business technology solutions into the hospitality industry. Their proprietary web-based software solution, GABI, has been instrumental in driving sustainable practices and verifying economic viability across various hotel properties.

Award Recognition

The UK Enterprise Awards SME-News recognizes TLC’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the hospitality sector. “This award is a testament to our team’s hard work and our relentless pursuit of sustainability in the tourism industry,” said Nicki Page, Co-founder of TLC Health Travel LTD.

Partnership with LUSH

TLC has signed a partnership agreement with LUSH, Luxury Sustainable Hotels and Retreats International Association, based in Cancun. This collaboration aims to introduce advanced sustainability practices into LUSH properties and implement TLC’s GABI software for real-time sustainability metrics and reporting.

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Future Outlook

TLC Health Travel LTD continues to set the industry standard for sustainable hospitality. With these partnerships, the company aims to further its mission of achieving net-zero carbon emissions and becoming an industry leader in sustainable tourism.

About TLC Health Travel LTD

TLC Health Travel LTD is a UK-registered company specializing in sustainable tourism and hotel consultancy. Founded in 2018 by Nicki Page and Leo Downer, the company offers science-based business technology solutions through its proprietary web-based software, GABI.

The Team

Nicki Page – Co Founder

Nicki is a marketing and public relations titan. Her finely honed experience at blue chip corporates like leading advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi and Marriott Hotels and Resorts is matched by her integrity and sensitivity to global cultures. Her influence has created a network of the foremost decision makers across Arab, South & Southeast Asian and Africa nations, she’s keenly negotiated the success of world leading tourism and prestige destinations from Jordan to Malaysia, South Africa to the UAE.

Nicki has a deep understanding of promoting worldwide high-quality health and wellness resorts; unparalleled insight into the role women have in influencing health, wellness and travel decisions; and an established, trusted business presence in Asia and the Middle East that includes a client list of ruling families, CEOs and top companies.

Leo Downer – Co Founder

Leo’s career spans 25 years of developing public health, safety and achieving value for money in government, the voluntary and private sector. He has worked strategically in modelling harm costs and improving outcomes for health improvement, and safety nationally and internationally. Including leadership roles in the London governance; Harm Impact financial models with the UK Treasury; counterterrorism in the UK Home Office HQ Strategy and International Directorate; and Private Secretary (Chief of Staff) within the Home Office HQ and House of Lords.

Leo’s understanding of statutory legal frameworks, innovative cost of harm modelling, technology implementation and strategic approach; has founded new health approaches, enhanced national security, and transformed sustainability paradigms internationally.

Jean-Paul Riby – International Director of Sustainable Hotel Operations

Jean-Paul’s immensely varied experience has led him to expertly develop how business tourism and the continuation of sustainable growth is key for a company. He is a visionary C level executive, mentor, project leader and design enthusiast coupled with 35 years in the hospitality sector. For more than 30 of those years, Jean-Paul has been at the forefront of hospitality in emerging markets, driving innovation in Southeast Asia and searching for the talent to mentor into top future hoteliers.  He is actively involved in numerous industry organisation including the International Wine & Food Society, is a contributor to the book EQ & Leadership in Asia on using emotional intelligence to lead and inspire people, and a speaker at hospitality events around the world.

Hector De Castro – CEO of LUSH and De Castro Group

Hector is a visionary international developer focused on helping luxury boutique hospitality to grow profits at the time than making at all times a positive impact on local communities and people. He holds 20+ years experience in eco luxury hotels expansion, sustainable FF&E and marketing in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. He is the President of LUSH, the premium association of Eco Luxury Hotels and Retreats, and CEO of De Castro Group, a certified sustainability-driven hospitality organization. Before that, he spent about 15 years in senior management positions at companies as Horwath Crowe, Pilsa or managing director inside ACS Group, a Fortune 500. He has been responsible in FF&E and expansion with projects until 250Million USD, and developed audits for brands as Shangri-La, Hilton, Melia, Lopesan, Barceló, or Hyatt, among others.

Beyond corporate activities, he is also actively involved with LUSH, Anahuac Cancun University and other tourism organizations as Skal, contributing, mentoring and inspiring. He was awarded by top IE Business School. Father of two.

Press contact
Nicki Page, Founder of TLC | nicki.page@tlchealthtravel.co.uk
Hector De Castro, CEO of LUSH and De Castro Group | hdecastro@lushia.org

This press release aligns with the fast-paced nature of the sustainability and hospitality sectors, providing timely information on TLC Health Travel LTD and LUSH’s achievements and strategic partnerships. It also offers a glimpse into the companies’s future outlook, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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